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All I want for 2020 is a very simple year. To not have so much on our plates and for everything around to just slow down. 2019 was busy. In good ways and bad. Just overall, it was overwhelming. Which led me to really focusing on ways and areas that I can control, a very […]

All I want for 2020 is a very simple year. To not have so much on our plates and for everything around to just slow down. 2019 was busy. In good ways and bad. Just overall, it was overwhelming. Which led me to really focusing on ways and areas that I can control, a very simple 2020!

I have been wanting to write more personal blog posts every year. And every year slips by and I promise myself – next year! So here I am, hoping to hold myself accountable to write at least one personal post every month! Even if it is the very last day of January that I am writing this! 🙂

For the past few years, I have been using the Cultivate What Matters Powersheets! I LOVE THEM! I went 6 months without them one year and noticed how much less I accomplished or felt like I had accomplished because I didn’t sit down, really think about what big picture goals I wanted for the next 6 months and write them down. And if you have never wrote down your goals before and put them somewhere that you can see it, can you do me a favor and do that right now? That simple task will change so much for you!

So, what better way to add a personal post to my blog every month than to share how the past months goals went and what my goals for the next month are looking like! (Also, what an awesome way to keep me accountable to those goals, right?!) 😉

Recapping the month of January –

Don’t mind me crossing off December to write out January! It’s Contentment Challenge and that means no spending til April so this just has to do! 😉

January Monthly Goals:
– Participate in month one of Nancy Ray’s Contentment Challenge! (Completed!)
– 30 Day Fresh Faith Challenge by Lara Casey (Also the founder of the Powersheets, love her!)! (Will be completed once I finish writing this blog post!)
– Date Night with Nick!
– Complete Branding Price Guide! (Hmmm, spilling some beans here! 🙂)

Weekly Goals:
– Meal Plan (Completed!)
– Liam Workbooks
– Post-it Notes

Daily Goals:
– Simplified Challenge by Emily Ley! (Partial Completed!)
– Water (Partially Completed!)
– Nightly Pick Up (Partially Completed!)

One thing I should note, I am terrible at checking off my daily action items/habits! I never check them off the days I do it and then I forgot so those for me are more a friendly reminder! 🙂

There was quite a bit on this list that I didn’t complete – not even a single bit. January kind of threw in some plans we weren’t planning for. But the cool thing is, there was actually a lot of things on this list I wasn’t even ready to work on yet that got accomplished, so that’s awesome right?! Here’s a few goals that did go well this month not mentioned:

– Liam is officailly potty trained! Y’all – praise the Lord! We weren’t sure this would happen! LOL!
– Me and Liam got in a date day! Library, Chick Fil A, ice cream! It was perfect!
– I read one book (Next Level Basic, don’t laugh) and currently on a second book right now! (The Perfect Girlfriend)
– We signed up for a library card at a new library and we LOVE it there!
– I bought fast food only once this month! I’m almost embarrassed to share that, but we rely so much on quick foods with our schedules, so proud of this!
– I got in a “me time” date and went to see a movie and came home to an empty house for a few hours. It was EVERYTHING!
– I officially went through all of my decor in the house and have what I’m not currently using in one remaining tub! This felt SO good to do!

So January overall was a pretty good month with different goals I had really hoped to achieve and then some! We unfortunately lost my grandpa earlier this month after a brief illness. It didn’t make 2020 feel like it was off to a great start but we are hopeful for more simple months to come!

So here is just a quick overview of my goals for February!

February Monthly Goals:
– Participate in month two of Nancy Ray’s Contentment Challenge! This brings me so much joy every time I participate! I really encourage you trying it out too!!
– Date night with Nick! I am more determined now than ever to really make this happen!
– Create branding workflow templates!
– Enjoy & love others on Valentine’s Day! I have some really good ideas planned for Valentine’s Day!!
– Plan and host an oil class!
– Photograph branding guide photos! Just coming back to January’s goals and making sure I follow them to completion!

Weekly Goals:
– Meal plan! I have been doing this now for a long time and it makes life SO much easier! Any tips you have for this?
– Work with Liam on his Pre-School workbooks!
– Send some happy mail and leave encouraging Post-It notes in unexpected places! Something I have always wanted to do!
– More music in the house! I’m stealing this idea from Lara Casey because it is just really joyful!
– A weekend free from social media!

Daily Goals:
– Water every day!
– Nightly pick up!
– 6,000 steps! I now can try to count these and really use my christmas gift!
– 30 Day Workout Challenge!

SO – what are your February goals?

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