The Quarantine Series: How to Take Newborn Portraits at the Hospital


Thanks for coming back over here to my little blog series this week! Today is going to be for all the mama to be’s! I am so excited for all who are due any day now! You are about to embark on such an amazing adventure; being a mama is the absolute best. Your heart […]

Thanks for coming back over here to my little blog series this week! Today is going to be for all the mama to be’s! I am so excited for all who are due any day now! You are about to embark on such an amazing adventure; being a mama is the absolute best. Your heart is going to grow three times its size now, I swear! 😉

But I know it’s such an uncertain time right now with the current health pandemic and having a birth or fresh 48 hour photographer coming to photograph is most likely not in the cards right now. So I wanted to share how to get beautiful newborn portraits at the hospital, even if they are just on your phone!

If you didn’t catch my blog post yesterday, you’ll want to make sure you visit that first! [YOU CAN READ THAT HERE!] It will give you all the “technical” info you need to know first! And once you’ve read that, go ahead and continue reading below!

I am going to share 3 portraits that you should most certainly capture before you leave the hospital! Now – I am no birth photographer but being a motherhood photographer, I wanted to do what I could to help those mama’s in labor during this time still get those newborn portraits they’ve always dreamed of!

Also – please note I am using what I have on hand at home! LOL! This will either be very helpful to you or just really odd and I totally get it! 😆

Portrait One: Babe in their bassinet!

Wrap your little one nice and tightly in their baby blanket with their baby hat on! Placing them right in the middle of the bassinet and moving the bassinet near the hospital window!

With your phone directly above, snap a full overhead picture! Then come in a little closer and grab a portrait from their little chest up!

Lastly, with them in their bassinet, I’d be sure to grab a picture of their hospital documents attached to the bassinet while they are still inside!

This is where I’d grab a detail portrait of their tiny nose!

Portrait Two: Babe on the bed!

This one I would keep your little one unwrapped just so you can remember how teeny tiny they were! Bare little legs and all! I suggest wearing a solid colored onesie to keep the portrait calm and not busy!

While photographing them on the bed, that is when I would also grab some portraits of their tiny little fingers and toes!

I suggest standing back far enough to get an entire view of the hospital bed and then coming in a little closer so you’re little babe will fill the frame! I think taking pictures from the side will be so sweet and give you something a little different from the bassinet portraits! (Be sure to have your little one’s head towards the window!)

Portrait Three: You & your babe!

I am going to give two ways to take each of these portraits in the event someone else can be in the room with you or if you are not allowed to take anyone in with you!

While sitting in bed, having your little one all bundled up laying in your lap is just a precious portrait you’ll treasure forever. Getting a portrait of this from the side would be beautiful! (With the window light behind the camera and in front of you! Or a silhouette with the window behind you too would also be nice.)

If you’ll have someone in the room with you to take this portrait, easy peasy! No worries! Just direct them just like mentioned above! If you don’t have anyone in the room to take the portrait for you, leaning it against the window/wall/ledge and set on a timer can also 100% work!

While having the little one on your lap is a perfect time to get a portrait from above! Again, if someone is there to help you take this portrait, they will be able to hold the phone up above and get a lot of mama and baby in the portrait! If it is just you and your little one in the room for this photoshoot, you can take this portrait all by yourself no problem! You will just have a much closer shot!

*Bonus Portrait Four: Your babe’s Hello World announcement!

Now this one is just a little fun extra! I know you are going to want to post every single portrait of your baby to share how stinkin’ in love you are with every little inch of them! (Hi – talking from experience here! 🙂 But here is a simple way to set the stage for a beautiful announcement portrait!

Find a patterned, textured or chunky blanket for your little one’s backdrop! Then wrap them up in a swaddle that doesn’t compete with the blanket underneath them! (For instance, choose a white textured baby quilt for underneath and a floral patterned swaddle for your little lady! Or using a lettered blanket with a precious saying under your little one and a solid dusty blue swaddle around your baby!)

Complete the entire picture with a letterboard, “Hello, my name is” sticker or my favorite – acrylic handpainted signs, above or below your little bundle! So precious! Taking the picture from up above would be the best flattering angle! 😉

Mama’s – I hope this blog post was helpful to you and I would LOVE to see if you take any of these portraits I mentioned above and tag me in them (@sweetmagnoliaphoto)! And if you do – I’d love to gift you professional editing on these four portraits for you to have!* Come back tomorrow!

*This complimentary editing service is available to any mama’s who deliver during the time frame of April 1, 2020 – May 31, 2020!

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