I'll take your current client process and craft it to be more efficient, engaging and simplified so you can get back to being a photographer.

I help photographers set their business on auto pilot so they can go back to running after their dreams.

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You probably didn't realize that when you were crafting your expertise in what you specialize photographing, you would have to become an expert in workflows, client management & marketing too, right? Yeah, I didn't either.

Just when I was hitting the peak of my business, I had to take a step back. I just couldn't do it all and do it well. Making sure my clients questions were answered, they were being communicated with throughout the entire process and receiving all the information needed to be prepped for their session was taking a lot of time away from me being with my family. I knew something had to change & it was my mission to make my business run on auto pilot while I was running after my toddler.

Now, I'm taking everything I researched, put into action & started to see immediate results (I'm talking extra time on my hands!), and sharing all that I know with other photographers ready to get their time back too.

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You didn't start this business to be behind the computer more than behind your camera...

The Process

We will schedule a call to go over the current CRM you are using, what pain points you are experiencing & where we can make improvements to make your workflow seamless. 

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After our consultation, I will send over a custom proposal based on the assistance you need. From there, we will finish your booking & get straight to work!

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After booking, we will do a deep dive in getting to know you, your business, your current client workflow & what your ideal client process looks like! We will create a custom-to-you process that checks all the boxes!

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Once I get your CRM processes all finalized, together we will walk through start to finish making sure everything is running exactly how you need it to. We will go over your CRM to make sure you feel confident in how to use after I am finished!

final touches & training


30 days after our job is complete, I will be sure to check back in, make sure all systems are working properly & efficiently and make any adjustments that may be needed!

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The Process..

30 days after our job is complete, I will be sure to check back in, make sure all systems are working properly & efficiently and make any adjustments that may be needed!

following up

Step Five:

Your back end of the business is so unorganized, you're starting to feel burnt out.

You're spending too much time on emails than actually photographing your clients.

You are overwhelmed with your CRM & you know you aren't using all of it's capabilities.

You don't have a system in place that is consistent with each client.

Is this right for me?

Does any of this sound like you? Don't worry, I was once here too. Let's get you back on track!

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When I started this business, I was a new wife with a big dream. I was working hard on building my business to be full time while starting to grow our family. And once our family grew, so did my business. It was hard to keep up with being a mom and serving my clients well. I took a back seat to my business that *just* hit a peak because I knew I couldn't do it all. After a short break, I knew I had to make my job work for my life & my schedule. I came back with a mission to serve my clients well & be completely present at home. I found the perfect CRM, crafted together workflows, systems & templates that worked for me and got my life back.

So why only cater to photographers? As a photographer myself, I know first hand the standard process for a session or wedding from start to finish, the questions you are asked time & time again and the organization needed to keep everything on track. By choosing a photographer as your VA, no need to explain your specific needs for your industry, I got you covered friend!

I'm Britt — joyful photographer & VA.

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your investment

Introducing The Essentials Setup, the full service CRM setup customized to you! From the start of your CRM set up to the offboarding of your client, I can ensure this process will help your business begin running on auto pilot within 2 weeks!

Here is a glimpse into what we can work on in your project:

Workflow Setup
Template Creation
Questionnaire Creation

Custom Proposals
Project Funnels

Client Organization
Brand Plug Ins
Client Inquiry Process

Or maybe you are looking for more day to day assistance! I can help you with that too! Here is a glimpse into what I can help you with:

Workflow Management
LTK & Link Creation

Social Media
Inbox Management

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Let's get back to dream chasin'.

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