2019: A Year in Review

I saved my favorite part to this series for last: my entire personal year in review! And I tried to keep it short and sweet as much as I could! 😉

So let’s start from the beginning, hello January!

2019 didn’t start off on the right foot – L broke three bones in his arm falling off the couch on the 3rd! But after many tears (from the both of us!) and a second emergency room trip from the first cast cutting his circulation off multiple days…we began to see the light at the end of the tunnel and bought many 5T clothes just to fit that cast in any kind of clothing! He handled it much better than I did!

I started a business course – the KJ Business Journey this month too and had NO IDEA I just invested into something that was going to change the game entirely for me, in the best way!!


Three casts and the best Valentine’s Day present, the cast is off and his bones are healed! As soon as we got home, back to playing on the couch he tried to go! That’ll be a NO! LOL!

Wedding season began in February this year! I had an awesome couple kick my season off right and at a venue I’d been dying to photograph at! Mainly because my grandparents had their wedding there years and years ago!

I also started using essential oils this month! It seems silly to acknowledge this for a year in review, but for those who faithfully use oils, you know how life changing they are!


We took L bowling for the first time and he loved it! We went to Main Event and it was a perfect chilly day activity with family!

Then Nick came home from work one evening and told me he won another trip to Vegas! I surely didn’t believe him until we were on the plane headed out for the second time!!

We explored areas that we didn’t our last trip and ate some really yummy food! We love the food in Vegas!! 😆 We are just big foodies! But we missed our boy so much, we couldn’t wait to come home!


Spring finally came! I actually scheduled a work day to go photograph things I love for myself! I don’t remember the last time I did this and I needed it!!

We visited Ikea, which is my favorite! It’s a two hour drive to the nearest one and it feels like a mini vacation which is why it was a big moment in our year!! LOL! It’s probably a good thing it’s not closer!


I celebrated my 26th birthday! (Yes I did just have to count to make sure that was correct, I can never remember my age! I’m too young for that right?!) I celebrated by installing my landscaping in my front yard (so therapeutic to me!) with my dad and finished the night with the worst restaurant service at a local BBQ place! LOL! From now on, I’m no longer allowed to choose the restaurants we go to!!

Mother’s Day and Memorial Day were relaxing and low key, which is my favorite!


L and I enjoyed some really great, spontaneous mama and me days together! We found my new favorite spot to go where we live!! I love finding new beautiful locations!!

I started to babysitting a few days a week again for my favorite four little girls! I have been babysitting them for the past six years and this was my first year not babysitting the entire year! I was SO happy to be able to spend two days a week with them! I hope to forever get to be a part of their lives and watch them grow into beautiful young ladies!!

We made a trip to Rodger’s Flea Market!

Nick and I celebrated our four year anniversary! We spent it at The Strip like we do every year and ate until we were sick, also like we do every year! 😉


Fourth of July was great! My bub let off fireworks and L decided this year he DOES NOT like fireworks. So we spent a lot of time inside watching them and leaving early! Poor guy! Hopefully that changes soon!!

Nick’s surprise 30th birthday party happened! While he wasn’t as surprised as I’d hoped, I was SO proud of myself for not spilling my secret! I’m NOT a good secret keeper! Ha!

We finally got to visit Cedar Point and L LOVES the sky ride! It’s his favorite one and the antique cars! Those are also the only two rides he will ride! LOL!

My mom, bub, L and I went to Winston-Salem, North Carolina for a day to take an All She Wrote Notes Class! It was AMAZING! The car ride, not so much! Bub said he doesn’t want to go anywhere with us for the foreseeable future! LOL! Then we spent a day in Amish country on the ride back to get some shopping in!

Ended the month with the Summer Market which I look forward to all year!!


My bub went away to college this month! We spent many days traveling to Kent State and back and thankfully it’s just an hour and half away! I feel like we spent just as much time there as he did! LOL!


We celebrated L turning three this month! I chose not to do a big party this year and instead went out for pizza and back home for cake!

We also got L sleeping in his own bed finally after three years! Yikes! My back needed him in his own bed and he has since been GREAT sleeping in there! Praise the Lord!

We visited the pumpkin patch with our buddies and visited Halloweekends for our final Cedar Point trip of the year!

Also, L discovered how to turn on the hose outside and that was an adventure trying to get him to come inside without getting wet – NOT SUCCESSFUL but was a great laugh!


We had a clam bake with my God parents like we do every year and this year we got to host!

My good pals and I had a Hocus Pocus party and it was too cute!!

Halloween resulted in going to three houses at my grandma’s since ours was cancelled and being done because it was just so cold, L didn’t care to have anything to do with it! It was just so windy!! But he went as Batman!!


We have visited the puppy store many times this year and L has told many people that he has a dog but it’s still at the pet store! LOL!

My mama had her 20th annual ornament exchange!! I made a dessert charcuterie board this year!

Oh and L made an appearance to one of my mini shoots and I was just a tad bit worried about him being too cold? LOL!


Mom and I went to two plays this month, White Christmas and Mean Girls!

Mom also packed up with me and L and headed to Virginia for the ending to my KJ Business Journey! Also, a one day trip because that’s our jam apparently this year! LOL! It was a life changing event for sure and I was SO fan girling meeting Katelyn whom I’ve admired for SOOO many years!! Getting to hug the gal who made my business successful was, well, priceless!!

I had a mug exchange this year! I really loved the idea of this swap because my mug collection is the one thing I can not simplify. I’m just too attached to every mug that makes its way into my hands! LOL!

Another honorable mention for the year: L officially has gotten rid of the binky. Planning a celebration for myself in the new year on this! HA!

One evening, my Grampy came back home with a surprise and L has been OVER THE MOON! However, Mama’s not ready just yet so we love her only at Grammy + Grampy’s!

We finally got snow! And that was the cherry on top to the year!

Christmas was good for us this year! We have a total of 7 Christmas gatherings this year and as I’m writing this, we have three remaining to go to. We are pooped for sure but so thankful that we have sooo much family we get to spend our holidays with!

See y’all in the new year!! 🎉

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