Studio vs In Home Session by a Cleveland Newborn Photographer

As a Cleveland Newborn Photographer, I understand the importance of capturing those precious early moments of your little one’s life. When it comes to choosing between a studio vs in home session, there are several factors to consider. Let’s explore the pros and cons of each option, to help you make the best decision for your family.

Studio Sessions: Embracing Controlled Environment


  1. Controlled Environment: One of the main advantages of a studio session is the controlled environment it offers. With an all white background, it’s incredibly hard to take a bad picture! The lighting is always beautiful and will make every photo gorgeous!
  2. Limited Distractions: If you will have young children in the portraits, it can be beneficial to take your newborn portraits at a studio where the distractions are limited. No toys, television or every day life can keep their attention elsewhere.
  3. No Cleaning Required: Although I don’t require you to clean your home for an in home newborn session, I know it can be overwhelming thinking you need to clean up before your session. With a studio session, you can just pack up what you need and leave the mess at home.


  1. Less Personalized: Some families may find that the studio setting lacks the personal touch and familiarity of their own home.
  2. Travel Required: Depending on the location of the studio, you may need to factor in travel time and logistics, especially during those early days with a newborn.

In-Home Session: Embracing Familiar Surroundings


  1. Comfort and Convenience: This is a big pro to having an in home session, as you can avoid leaving the house for your session. It gives you more time to prepare, all of your essential items are within arms reach and if you have siblings joining your session, they can easily take breaks when needed. 
  2. Variety in Backgrounds: Usually during an in home session, I will shoot in the nursery, master bedroom, and occasionally in the living room or outside. However, I will go wherever the light is best. Sometimes this can be a hallway, front door or the dining room. But I try my best to always start in the nursery that I know you spent hours planning out all those perfect details!
  3. More Relaxed Posing: This requires very simple, basic posing and leads to more of a lifestyle look for the images. Plus, you can include your family pets this way as well!


  1. Limited Control: While natural light can be stunning, it’s also unpredictable. We may need to work with the available light in your home, which could pose challenges depending on the time of day and the rooms we hoped to photograph in.
  2. Cleaning: As I mentioned before, I don’t require you to do a deep clean of your home before your session. But do encourage a quick tidy up of removing toys and clutter out of the way. In those unpredictable early days, I can understand tidying up being the last thing on your mind!

Whether you opt for a studio vs in home newborn photography session, the most important thing is to choose an environment where you and your baby feel comfortable and relaxed. As a Cleveland Newborn Photographer, I am committed to capturing timeless images that reflect the unique personality of your family, regardless of the setting. If you’re still unsure which option is right for you, don’t hesitate to reach out, I’m happy to help guide you through the decision-making process!

Hi there! I’m Britt, owner of Brittany Serowski Photography. I am a Cleveland Newborn Photographer documenting babies, mothers & motherhood journeys. I specialize in a portrait experience that is full of ease and joy, with results of beautiful photographed memories. Serving mothers in Cleveland and the surrounding areas – Bay Village, Rocky River, Westlake, Avon Lake, Lakewood, Tremont, Ohio City, Shaker Heights, Chagrin Falls and more. All motherhood sessions include pre-session online consultations for portrait preparation & style assistance, a styling guide full of knowledge in preparing and making the most out of your session, portrait coverage on location at my exclusive scouted areas & high resolution edited digital portraits delivered in an online gallery.

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