2023: A Year In Review

Our first full year as a family of four! It was a thrilling, challenging, beautiful & overwhelming year all at once as I figured out how to be a mom to two. I must say, the transition from one to two was bigger than I anticipated. But with every trying season, there is so much good happening in between. And I’m so thankful for these year in review blog posts I do because while I may reminisce initially and think “Wow, that was tough” – I can look back at this year in photos and think instead “Wow, that was pretty incredible”.

A Year in Review:


A lot of time spent at home in the thick of a newborn baby. As Nick went back to work and L went back to school, me & T got to figure out our groove with one another. We spent a lot of time at home and ventured out finally every Saturday for our pizza dates with my mom!


This was a sweet month as me & Nick got to go on our first date night since having T. It was a treat getting to dress up for a change and eating a fancy meal amongst others! Ha! My grandma, friends and family also got to meet T for the first time!


This was a simple & calm month. And those sometimes end up being my favorite! As T started to sit up more for tummy time, lots of snuggles were to be had.


The warmer weather finally let us get outside and get some fresh air. I find the hardest thing about having a newborn in the winter is the cabin fever you experience. But on the flip side, it’s the perfect time for cozying up on the couch with blankets and watching movies! But we got to be with family for Easter which was such a joy for me since we skipped out on Christmas with our loved ones!


I rang in my 30th birthday this year and I got to spend some of the day with L at school. He decorated my chair for me and it made me cry! He’s the greatest kid. Mother’s Day was special having both of my boys. Hot days were also spent at Cedar Point and at field day for school for L!


Nick and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary at our usual spot. We order the same meal every year and my goodness, it is just so incredible. We never treat ourselves to go there any other time of the year to make it feel even more special when we go to celebrate our anniversary but we DREAM about this meal all year long! L also celebrated graduating from Kindergarten! They didn’t do anything fancy at school, so we got him a little cap and gown and threw a special dinner with his grandparents to celebrate this big accomplishment! He loves school so much and we were so happy that he had such an amazing teacher for his first year! We also went on our first family vacation with T and he did so well. Spending time in Tennessee with our extended family is something we always enjoy so much!


July was full of TBall and not much else! We love getting to watch L play – it is the highlight of our summer! Not too much else takes place because this keeps us BUSY.


T started crawling and that was the end of me ever sitting down again! LOL. L, T, my mom and I went on another little road trip for mom’s work and while she was in meetings, we did a lot of playing at the park. Plus, L started football this month and his love for football is out of this world. Which I am so excited for – I can’t wait to watch him play every season! Next year is tackle and he is SO ready! Plus he started first grade and we were blessed with another incredible teacher!


L celebrated his 7th birthday! Every Saturday was spent at the football field and we were SO blessed with incredible weather for every game! Until the very last game when he had rain so can not complain at all! Halloweekends also started and it is one of our favorite places to go to start the spooky season!


This month was spent doing ALL the spooky & festive Halloween things! Every weekend I was finding something to do or somewhere to go for Halloween. It is my favorite time of the year and L knows the minute October 1st hits – spooky things every day for the rest of the month!


A quiet month for us but my mom and dad started their new business! And we get to reap the benefits of it by being the taste testers! 🙂 T also started walking this month and I thought I was busy chasing him before – there is a reason why there is so few photos from this month! HA!


T turned one! It’s amazing how quickly this year flew by. I think the more kids you have the faster it must go! I got to go with L to school and build a gingerbread house. Went to a fun Christmas Pop Up Bar with some girlfriends which was so cool and totally inspiring for Christmas next year! Me and L took a mental health day and got some fraps, did some crafts, had some yummy snacks – it was such a nice day letting him and myself take a breather from the hustle and bustle I think I might start doing this more often. We all need a break sometimes! Christmas and NYE were great days spent with family too!

This year was a lot of learning for me in the terms of motherhood. I’m still trying to get the hang of things, and just when I think I do – a new phase begins and we start all over again! One day I will be able to sleep more and clean less BUT I don’t know how my arms and heart could more full than they are right now and for that, I am incredibly blessed.

Happy 2024 friends! I can’t wait to see what the year holds for us all. XO

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