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This year has proven to be full of mini vacations for me! From three days in Vegas with my hubby, to a spontaneous trip to North Carolina with my mama, brother and L and then, we are going somewhere again in December! (I’ll spill more details on this later!) This is not the norm for me! It’s usually one long vacation somewhere in the summer and then that’s that! But I like these mini vacations scattered throughout the year!! I might start making this a priority!!

A little less than a month ago, my mama and I were texting back and forth about how much we love Maghon Taylor and her handwriting and how we cannot wait for her book to arrive to our homes in August!! We talked about how we wished so much she had classes near us and quickly I got a phone from my mom saying, “Want to attend a class in NC?!” and obviously I couldn’t turn that down!!

He certainly gave us a run for our money this trip!

A 7.5 hour drive didn’t sound so bad and we are pro road trippers after our 18+ hour drive to Waco, TX two years ago!! 🙂 Now I must say, road trips with a toddler and a 9 month old are very different, both good and bad! LOL! But L is a pro by now and thank goodness my brother also went with us! Between the three of us, L stayed mostly entertained and just a few meltdowns took place, from all of us! 😉

Living in northern Ohio – it is as flat as can be! So it’s nice to see something out of the norm during our drive!

These two are so alike in so many ways! LOL!

After our hand lettering class, we grabbed a quick bite at Chick Fil A, which is everywhere down south (not so much for us! The nearest one to me is 35 minutes away!) so we filled up, went to sleep and then hit the road to head home! People have called us crazy for driving down for just a few hours and then to head back home but the class was worth the long drive!!

We made it! Finally! And yes, that is chocolate brownie leftover on his face! 

If you are not familiar with Maghon Taylor (and if so, you are totally missing out!!), she is the “she” behind All She Wrote Notes!! And y’all, we had an absolute blast learning from her!! She was so genuine, kind, funny and just full of happiness!! We loved her to pieces!! If you are in the area of one of her classes or are up for an adventure to get to her – do it!! You will NOT regret it!! I could have listened to her all day!! We are hoping she comes up with an all day workshop!! She is just so inspiring!! ❤️

The hand lettering class took place at the WinMock in Winston-Salem! Oh my – it was Soo beautiful and I could only imagine what it would be like to photograph a wedding here!

Maghon was so amazing! We loved learning from her in person!! I know we will be back for another class in the future!! And I also didn’t get the memo on wearing white pants! 😉

Framing this! 😉 I love how happy her hand lettering is!!

Once we got some rest, we woke up and turned right back home and headed to Amish Country!! Amish country is like a second home to us! We filled our bellies with comfort food & swam and all slept like babies!! Once we got up, we headed out to shop until we couldn’t stand the heat anymore! (It’s been realllll hot here lately!)

I brought my camera with me and between the heat, pure exhaustion and a two year old ready to jump out of the car : didn’t leave me much time to pull it out! But I hope to come back in the future to advantage of all these beautiful trees in NC!! I could photograph in front of these all day long!!

Back on the road and surprised at how much I love mountain views especially being a pure beach view lover!!

Wished we weren’t all just so ready to get out of the car so I could have photographed these mountains with my camera!! Such a sight!!

It was a short and sweet trip! Perfect for a road trip with a toddler! 😉 My bubba said he doesn’t want to travel farther than a twenty minute drive to my grandma’s with us anywhere in the near future! LOL! 😉

I didn’t take any pictures in Amish Country aside from this here and it doesn’t even depict the beauty of Amish Country!! I’ll have to do another post one day of all my favorite things about Amish Country!! 

I joked with my mama before we left, I bet we will come up with another business idea on our way back home and sure enough, it happened! This happens every time we are together! We just have a lot of ideas and not enough time! 🙂 Such a great trip but now it’s time to enjoy the last few weeks of summer before it comes to an end!

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