My Brother’s Senior Session

I’m just going to forewarn all who are about to read the following blog post: I’m about to get all kinds of sappy on you!

Dear Bub,

Eighteen years ago you entered the world and I gained an automatic best friend. While you didn’t know it yet, I was gifted a real life baby doll. Time to toss the baby alive, I had the real deal! I remember the day mom told me she was pregnant with you, I was the first to know! I felt so awesome to be entrusted with that information before anyone else!

As the years went on, being 6.5 years apart sometimes worked in our favor & maybe other times, not so much. But living in the country & not having near by neighbors, we were all we had. So while some days were spent hiding in the bathroom, calling mom and telling her you were being crazy..there were plenty more days of playing Spongebob video games and our favorite – Dance Dance Revolution.

You were quite the character as a kiddo. Mom and I have some great stories I can’t wait to share with your kids some day. You were great at singing, “I love this bar” with grammy’s cane & even better at bothering me & my friends when  we were in middle school, with you running around in your little underroos.

You also become quite the model for me. A frequent one as well when I had film due the next day in class and in dire need of a person to photograph. Maybe classmates began to think I was a tad bit obsessed with my brother. But they were right, I was.

Because you bubs, have been compassionate, caring and a true gentlemen. You know when the time is needed for a hug with no words, held on for a long time without loosening your grip & could give the shirt off your back in a time of need without blinking an eye. And because of all of these great qualities you have, I know the world, your future wife, your future kids, your future employer, are going to be so lucky to have you. Because you are one hell of a guy. And you are going to so fantastic things in this life of yours.

So as I’ve had the honor of watching you turn into a man, I can’t wait to watch you venture into this new world. You make me a very proud sis.

Love you forever & ever,

Your big sis

P.S. if you ever make it big, I better be mentioned in your acceptance speech 🙂

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