2018: A Year in Review

Happy New Years Eve friends! Wow! This year has gone by so quickly, yet when I was looking back at all of these sessions, some felt like they were ages ago! And I had totally forgot that I had taken them this year!

This was a really big year for me – I went full time wedding & maternity photographer (!!!!), began to no longer take on other sessions, photographed over 100 families (!!!!) and had a fabulous year with six amazing weddings! The perfect way to ease back into wedding season after taking a year off to spend that first year with my little one!

I had such a fantastic year and had invested in SO MUCH education! And it was the BEST decision I could have ever made for my business! I have found my style, my groove, my “look” and to be able to be happy with what I am creating really is amazing!

Taking on so many sessions proved to be a bit busy – leaving my little one behind all the time giving me the reason to step back from other portrait sessions and really focusing on specializing in weddings and maternity portraits. But I do miss my family sessions and do hope to find a nice balance in 2019 to find a way to do all of the things here without it being too much!

2018 was hands down my best year yet. And how great that is to say that?! Next year, my wedding season is almost completely full with only TWO (I REPEAT TWO!!) wedding dates left! Y’all – if I could only explain to you what that means to me, my family…it means everything to us!! You have allowed me to be there for the biggest day of your life and all the best days of my little guy’s life and that could just bring me to tears thinking of how lucky that makes me!

Now that I have gotten my consistent style & look down and my groove of how I work on a session and wedding day – 2019 is all about working on my clients experience! Looking for all the ways to serve everyone better & make your experience one worth talking about!! And I can not wait for you to see what I have already begun to dream for y’all!

I hope your 2018 did you well and I hope 2019 is 100X better! Cheers & see you in the New Year! Enjoy a “few” favorites from a handful of my sessions this year! XX. -Britt

This was the moment I learned what ‘shotgunning a beer’ meant! (Disclaimer: not what I thought it meant! LOL!)

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