If you read my last blog post, you know my friend Elizabeth and I photographed each other and our boys for some quick motherhood portraits under the cherry blossom trees. It was a last minute schedule as we saw the trees were in full bloom and the weather was going to be glorious in the middle of April. We couldn’t pass up the opportunity!

One thing I find so ironic, as a photographer, you would think my children would be great for photos. However, I am just like every other mama and have some sessions that the pictures turn out perfect. Smiles are on point, clothes are fitting excellent, the stars were all aligned. And then sometimes, you are a sweaty mess, the kids are making a new face you’ve never seen before and you forgot to take off your socks so everyone is barefoot. Let me just say, this session followed more of the latter but I’m totally ok with it! (I may not have said that at first, but I’m learning to embrace every season!)

One thing that I have promised myself, I will have a photo shoot with just me and my children every year. I have only missed one year so far but I treasure these sessions more than I can tell you. This year was a big deal as I am now a mama to two, so I needed to document it. And I’m so glad I did.

Being 4 months postpartum, I still don’t feel 100% myself, but that’s ok. I know when I look back on these 5, 10 or 20 years from now, I won’t be focused on how I looked or that they didn’t give the best smiles, but rather how little they were, their personalities at the time & how much in love I am with being their mama.

Hi there, I’m Britt! Are you in need of some updated portraits of your babies? Let’s chat! You can view more of my portfolio here!

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